The California Dreamin Transgender Convention, April 2-5, 2009, at the Hotel Doubletree, San Jose

About Cal Dreamin registration

How do I register for Cal Dreamin?
There are two ways you can register:
Online: visit our online registration page for more information.
By mail: download our printable registration form, fill it out, and mail it to us with your check or money order.
Does my registration include a hotel room?
No. If you want to stay at the Doubletree you'll need to book a room on your own.
We've negotiated a special room rate for Cal Dreamin attendees. Visit our Hotel page for more information on booking your room.
What does my registration include?
Your registration includes access to all seminars on the day(s) you've signed up for, and whatever meals you've signed up for. If you want to attend lunches or the banquet, you must sign up for an event plan that includes them. See our Event Rates for more details.
All event plans include the Welcome Reception and the Farewell Brunch.
What is Cal Dreamin's refund policy?
You can see our refund policy on our Registration page.

About the Doubletree

What if my presentation doesn't match my ID when I check in?
You will have to show an ID that matches the credit card you used to book your room. But don't worry—it won't be a problem.
The Doubletree staff understands our community, and will treat you with the same respect and courtesy as they would any other hotel guest.
The Doubletree staff has been wonderful to us. That's one of the reasons we keep coming back to the Doubletree.
What is the Doubletree bathroom policy?
The bathroom policy is to use the bathroom appropriate to your clothing. So, if you're dressed, use the ladies' room—and please sit down.
Please act like a lady in the ladies' room. Please be considerate of other hotel guests.
How do I ship my clothes to the Doubletree?
Please visit our Hotel page to learn more about shipping your clothes.
Is the Doubletree ADA compliant?
Yes. The Doubletree is fully wheelchair accessible.

General Questions

What should I do when I get to the Doubletree?
Go to the Registration Desk. We'll have your registration packet and your convention ID waiting for you.
Where is the Registration Desk?
The Registration Desk will be right next to the Vendors Room door. [View Doubletree floor plan]
The Registration Desk will be staffed from 3 pm to 6 pm on Thursday, and from 8:30 am to 5 pm on Friday and Saturday.
Does California Dreamin have a dress code?
Yes we do, and it's very simple: dress tastefully. Please remember that Cal Dreamin is (in part) an educational conference, and dress and act accordingly.
We like to think that one of the things we do at Dreamin is outreach—many of the guests at the hotel won't be members of the TG community, and we'd like to give them a good impression of us. So have fun with your wardrobe, but don't go crazy.
Do I have to dress to attend Cal Dreamin?
No—but we think you'll have a lot more fun if you do.
Will I be able to change my clothes at Cal Dreamin?
We will have a changing room available for Cal Dreamin attendees. Please ask at the Registration Desk if you'd like to use the dressing room. Please do not change clothes in restrooms.
Do I need to keep my conference ID with me?
Yes. You'll need your ID to attend seminars, and to get into lunches and the banquet (if you've signed up for them). If you don't have your ID with you, we'll make you go get it.
Can I take pictures or videotapes during the conference?
If you want to take someone's picture, please ask their permission. Not everyone attending Cal Dreamin is out, and we ask that you respect everyone's right to privacy.
Videotaping presentations is strictly prohibited.
Can I come to just the banquet?
We have limited seating at the banquet, and we're reserving those seats for registered attendees. If we don't fill up our banquet seats, we'll throw them open on a first come, first served basis.