The California Dreamin Transgender Convention, April 2-5, 2009, at the Hotel Doubletree, San Jose

Critical Questions in Transgendered Hormone Therapy

When: Friday, April 3, 3:00–4:00 pm

Where: San Simeon Room

Using a brief summary of the principles of hormone therapy as a backdrop, Dr. O'Dea will pose a series of critical questions, for which most patients either lack an answer or have the wrong one, and then he will answer them. Questions such as:

  • Can hormone therapy be administered in a form or forms that will not trigger emotional problems?
  • Should the results of the Women's Health Initiative study of the Menopause (WHIM) alter the way we give or take transgender hormone therapy?
  • In what manner do the so called “sexual” hormones influence brain and mind and to what degree are such influences more than simply sexual?